came to us in a special way.  She was a special needs dog who arrived from Kansas on New Years Eve 2003.  She was 4 months old.  Her stomach was turned the opposite way, she had a hiatal hernia, and she needed a surgery to keep her alive.  Within 3 weeks she had the surgery and was able to start making a new life.  She was not able to play at that time and had to spend her time in a play pen so she wouldn't undo the surgery. Three weeks later, her bowel pinched off and as our vets describe her, she's a miracle dog who shouldn't be alive, but again her will to live brought her through and she lived a good life until last year when her surgeries needed to be redone.  Through it all she has remained that sweet, lovable little girl we loved.  She believed her tail was 12 inches long and she thought it was always wagging.  She was that little ray of sunshine that brought a shine to people's eyes.  We were thankful that she was our girl for 8 years.  She will always be in our hearts.  Carol and Ted Joyce

Couple walking with their chocolate lab
we will never forget our
beloved four-legged friends

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Our family cat