We don’t know where or exactly when Junior was born.  He entered our life when he was 10 yrs. Old.  We bought him for my mother who had lost her Spooky 4 months after we lost our father.   She had him for 2 yrs. Then she had to go into a memory center.  I took Junior.  We were told he had been abused.  There were no outward marks but mentally you could tell.  He followed me around like a shadow.  Loud noises made him shiver so much that his teeth would chatter.   We got him a thunder shirt, which helped a little.  We made sure Junior had the best life, he went to Cudahy’s’ doggie park, to 4th of July parades, for hundreds of car rides, even camping.  He got to sleep on the air mattress with us.  It thundered that time and we had a vibrating air mattress.  We were always there to comfort him.   He was so good to us.  If he messed in the house you could tell he was sorry, but never a harsh word.  We would just say that’s OK Junior; you’re just an old dog.  He would never go up or down steps.  I figured he was either kicked down or thrown down them.  One time there was a bad storm and they told us to get in the basement.  I put his leash on and was ready to carry him down when there was a loud clap of thunder and off he went down the steps.  It took my 2 yr. old grandson and a special doggie cookie to get him up the stairs where we were watching a movie.  We loved him and are so lost without him.  I know my mom asked God to have him in heaven with her.  My mom passed Feb. 1, 2012 and Junior passed Feb. 22, 2012.  He would have been 15.

Love you Junior

Couple walking with their chocolate lab
we will never forget our
beloved four-legged friends

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Our family cat