was our best friend for 11 years.  It hurt us greatly to see him grow tired.  From the runt of the litter to a big beautiful boy, he filled our hearts with laughter and love.  The fearless protector, the leader of his pack, the silly times we all shared together.  He loved his ice cubes, riding shotgun and keeping his two fur brothers in order.  Belly rubs were a must and he loved when grandma came to visit as much as his human siblings.  His love had no boundries and he will never be fortotten nor replaced.  RIP Hoover, you took a piece of all of our hearts with you.  3/6/2004 6/16/2015  GO GET EM BOY

The Kamenski Family

Couple walking with their chocolate lab
we will never forget our
beloved four-legged friends

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Our family cat