Pet Memorials, Pet Urns, Pet Caskets and Pet Grave Markers

Peaceful Pets, your home for pet funeral services, offers a wide variety of pet memorial products to help you deal with the loss of your beloved animal.  From unique and personalized pet caskets to pet cremation urns, pet burial markers and other pet memorial items, Peaceful Pets is sure to carry something special for your loved companion. Visit our showroom to see our entire line of product offerings.  Our showroom is open by appointment only and is located at 3010 Helsan Dr. in Richfield (across from Cabela's).  

The loss of a pet is emotionally difficult for countless families and individuals.  Many have found our pet memorial products helpful in soothing their grief.  Having a beautiful memorial product is a great way to remember and honor your loyal cat or dog.

Our wide selection of pet cremation urns, scattering tubes, and other pet keepsakes allow you to choose the pet memorial product or pet cremation urn best suited to your pet.


 Each bamboo box urns is constructed from sturdy boards of bamboo nan.


Bamboo Box Urns Brass Heart Keepsake Urn Brass Paw Print Urns Bronze Figurine on Walnut Urn Burial Markers
Candle Urns Combo Urn Companion Series Hollow Figurine Faithful Feline Urns Figurine Urns
Framed Marble Photo Urns Framed Photo Urns Horse Urns Hunter Series K-9 Cottage Urns
Marble Images Marble Vase Urns Nameplates Outdoor Memorial Display Paw Print Jar
Photo Urns Precious Kitty Urns Rock Urns ShadowCasts Urns Simply Series Urns
Steel Vase Urns Teal Paw Print Vases Teddy Bear Urns Tower Photo Urns Traditional Urns  
Couple walking with their chocolate lab
we will never forget our
beloved four-legged friends

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Our family cat