Cremation Services

Pet Transportation Services

Peaceful Pets offers transportation services to transport your deceased pet from your home or veterinarian clinic to our Richfield pet funeral home.  Peaceful Pets is available 24 hours a day to assist you in the transportation of your deceased pet.

Pet Burial Services

Peaceful Pets, offers pet burial services to families and individuals preferring pet burials over pet cremations.  Our pet funeral experts will assist you with the opening and closing of the gravesite, along with the selection of the necessary memorial products as well.  Peaceful Pets offers a variety of headstones, markers, and pet caskets for your beloved furry companion.  Our large selection of pet memorial products ensures you’ll find just the right memorial option to remember your beloved pet.

Advance Planning Pet Cremation Services

It’s always difficult to make decisions when it comes to losing a loved pet.  In a time of loss, it becomes even more difficult to be continually reminded of our beloved pets while having to make choices regarding their pet cremation services or pet funeral services.  Peaceful Pets’ advance planning services allow you to make pet memorial decisions ahead of time, with the help of our caring pet cremation and pet funeral experts.  When your furry friend passes, you’ll be better prepared, making your transition less stressful.

Please visit our "EVENTS" page for a listing of upcoming support seminars being held at Peaceful Pets.

Free Cremation for Service Pets

Peaceful Pets offers free pet cremation services and pet funeral services to dogs and other pets who have helped us in our daily lives.  It’s our way of honoring guide dogs, police dogs, and others who have assisted us and helped keep us safe.

I.D. System

Our leading identification system ensures your beloved pet is accounted for every step of the pet cremation process.  We follow strict rules to ensure the safe handling and protection of your pet.

Family name and pet name are identified on the outside of the container.

Numbered stainless steel ID tags are assigned and recorded in our system.

Signatures and dates are required for the cremation to take place.

ID tag and paper work will track your pet through the entire cremation process.

Couple walking with their chocolate lab
we will never forget our
beloved four-legged friends

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Our family cat