Rainbow Bridge Euthanasia & Cremation Package

Pet Euthanasia and Cremation Package - $550

Peaceful Pets is honored to partner with Dr. Christina Lehner from Creature Comfort Clinic for our Rainbow Bridge Euthanasia & Remembrance Cremation Package. Families can say their goodbyes to their cherished companions in our comfortable chapel while Dr. Christina performs the euthanasia procedure.

Your appointment will reserve our facility to give you a very private and personalized experience during this difficult time of grief. Our foremost priority is providing a respectful, gentle, and compassionate experience for you and your departed pet.

Pet Funeral and Euthanasia Process

Family, Friends, and Other Furry Companions Welcome

Your family, friends, and other pets are invited to join you at our facility for the euthanasia, cremation, and memorial gathering. Animals grieve for each other in different ways. Many pets know their companions are unwell and find closure in seeing them pass away, rather than wondering where they went. Give yourself and your other pets comfort and closure in this time of grief so you can begin to heal together.

Peaceful and Painless

The euthanasia process begins with a sedative and pain injection, usually taking about 10 minutes to reach full effect. This injection ensures your pet will feel no pain or discomfort during their last moments. The sedative helps give your loved one an easy transition. Once your pet is relaxed and comfortably asleep, the euthanasia injection is given. This pet euthanasia method is simply an overdose of anesthesia, causing your pet to gently fall asleep without feeling any pain.

Peaceful Pets Pet Funeral Services

Dog and Cat Cremation Service

Following the euthanasia, your pet will be cremated in our on-site cremation unit. As with all our pet cremation packages, we cremate each pet individually to prevent mixing and contamination. This sanitary method ensures your pet’s cremated remains receive the utmost respect. The cremated remains will be returned to you within 24 hours. Our compassionate staff can assist you in choosing a memorial for your pet, such as pet cremation urns with photo frames, figurines, or paw prints, as well as other pet memorial items.

Contact our pet funeral home for more information or to schedule your Rainbow Bridge Pet Euthanasia & Cremation Package.


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