Pet Funeral and Cremation Service Packages

Loving Memorials for Your Beloved Pet

Cremation Services for Dogs and PetsCats, dogs, and other pets are loyal companions. When you lose a pet, you lose an important member of your family. Saying a proper goodbye is essential to the healing process. At Peaceful Pets, we do everything we can to help you honor and remember your beloved pet and find closure.

Choose from our pet funeral and cremation service packages (after hours, weekends, holidays, and travel fees may apply to all listed prices):

Each package includes a private pet cremation service. For no extra cost, you and your family may choose to witness the cremation from our comfortable chapel. Many families find witnessing the pet cremation process to provide closure and to make it easier to recognize the passing of their furry family member, an important part of grieving. Pets are cremated individually and treated with the highest level of respect.

Peaceful Pets also offers a pet euthanasia and cremation package.

Our pet funeral and cremation services provide the support your family needs to say a more comforting goodbye to your cherished pet. Our compassionate staff can help you choose from our selection of pet memorials, urns for cats, dogs, and other animals, scattering tubes, gravestones and burial markers, marble images, keepsake jewelry, and other memorial items.

Remembrance Cremation Package - $225

Honor the memory of your beloved pet with our Remembrance Cremation Package. As you mourn the loss of your faithful friend, remember your favorite moments together.

With the Remembrance Package, your pet will receive a private cremation in our on-site cremation unit. Your family and friends are welcome to gather in our chapel for a time to share your memories and comfort each other in this difficult time as you say your final goodbyes.

Your pet’s cremated remains will be returned to you in a beautiful remembrance container (alternative pet urns area available for purchase, including digital photo urns, figurine urns, and candle memorials). You will also receive a keepsake fur clipping and a ceramic paw print.

Contact our pet funeral and cremation staff for more information on the Remembrance Cremation Package.

Tribute Package - $325

Show your affection and respect for your departed pet with our Tribute Package. Hold a memorial with your family and friends to remember your cherished pet. Our Tribute Package includes a private cremation at our facility.

Your pet’s cremated remains will be placed in a velvet bag with their name inside the remembrance container. You will also receive a memory chest, a personalized paw print keepsake, and a grief support folder.

Contact our pet funeral home to choose the Tribute Package for your cherished pet.

Devotion Package - $395

We know you are as devoted to your furry friends as they are to you. Choose our Devotion Package to memorialize your loved one and remember the good times.

The Devotion Package includes private cremation for your pet as well as a memorial gathering in the chapel for final goodbyes with your family and friends. You will receive a personalized paw print keepsake, a remembrance keychain urn, and a grief support folder, including a Guide to Mourning booklet.

Furthermore, you have a choice of a picture frame urn, paw print vase urn, or wooden urn with adornment. Your pet’s cremated remains will be placed in the urn of your choice inside a velvet bag with your pet’s name.

Contact our compassionate pet funeral home to choose the Devotion Package for your beloved friend.
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