Black lab playing ball
Never forgotten & always
in our heart.
Beloved Mastiff
Remember the good times
Belove hedgehog
Grateful for our time together
remember and honor your loyal pet
with our selection of memorial products

* Shown Left: Paw Print Series w/ Base in all available sizes

Peaceful Pets, your home for pet funeral services, offers a wide variety of pet memorial products to help you deal with the loss of your beloved animal. From unique and personalized pet caskets to pet cremation urns, pet burial markers and other pet memorial items, Peaceful Pets is sure to carry something special for your loved companion.

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We work with many top veterinarian clinics in Washington County and the surrounding areas. These veterinary clinics have entrusted their clients to us in their time of need.

Pet Cremation



Our furry friends and companions are as much a part of our family as our brothers and sisters, daughters and sons.  Pets are loyal companions, by your side through thick and thin, in good times and in bad.  Pets have the incredible ability to cheer us up after a bad day at work, bring a smile to our face with a silly tumble, and mean the world to pet owners everywhere.

Just like everything in life, all good things come to an end.  At Peaceful Pets, we know as much as you do that “all dogs go to heaven”, as do our feline friends and other furry companions.  No one likes to deal with the death and loss of a loved family pet.  Death is a part of life we must accept.

Cremation services

Peaceful Pets, a Southeastern Wisconsin pet cremation service, was created to bring you the closure and support needed during this difficult time.  Our pet cremation services and pet memorial services give families and individuals the chance for a more comforting goodbye.  As a family owned and operated pet cremation service, Peaceful Pets treats animals with the highest level of respect when making memorial arrangements. Peaceful Pets takes care of all the details, giving you time to find closure.  Choosing Peaceful Pets gives you the chance to mourn and begin the healing process.

Our caring and compassionate pet memorial service staff offers assistance in finding the right pet memorial for your beloved pet.  Our pet cremation services give you one last chance to pay your respects to your furry friend and lay them to rest at their favorite place.

Riley, Chocolate Lab of Randy, Cheryl and buddy with Chance WisconsinNo one should have to go through the loss of a pet alone.  The loving pet funeral home staff at Peaceful Pets is here to support you, from the last goodbye to the selection of your pet’s memorial piece.

No matter how you choose to remember your beloved pet, Peaceful Pets offers a product to represent their personality.

The caring support we give clients has earned Peaceful Pets the reputation as the best, most trusted pet funeral home and pet cremation service in Wisconsin.  Our pet cremation services give clients a level of closure only offered at Peaceful Pets.

Whether your pet is big or small, male or female, canine or feline, Peaceful Pets helps you cope with this difficult time in your life.  You’ll feel better knowing you and your pets are in the hands of caring professionals.

Contact Peaceful Pets today to find out more about our caring pet funeral home services and pet cremation services. Peaceful Pets is the best choice for pet owners looking to give their cherished pets a final, proper goodbye.
customer testimonials

Thank you so much for coming in to take care of my cats cremation. I cannot even fully express how grateful my sister and I are. Being able to bring her to Peaceful Pets and see where she would be, and who would take care of her was so much more comforting then sending her away somewhere for several days. We…

Thank you for your kindness in helping me with Bernie. That made a horrible situation better.

Our family is very thankful for your service in our time of unexpected events. We will always remember your services and recommend them to everyone who would need them.


We thank you for your sensitivity and professional expertise upon the death of our dog Bailey. Bailey was a Hurricane Katrina survivor whom we adopted four and one half years ago. He was our constant companion, beloved by us, by our family and by everyone in the neighborhood. His death, though expected, was …

Thank you so much for helping us give Sasha the dignity she deserved.

We were very impressed with your compassion and professional facility. We will tell as many people as we can about Peaceful Pets

Sharon Klein

we will never forget our
beloved four-legged friends

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